Dr. Hamidzadeh offers denture services that bring you to look much closer to your natural teeth. Patients in Clarksburg/Urbana, Maryland can visit Dr. Alireza Hamidzadeh, DDS, MS, at Happy Smiles Dental for full and partial dentures.

Why are dentures used?

Denture can provide benefits for a wide variety of tooth-related issues. Some of the main reasons people choose to get dentures to include tooth loss from tooth decay, gum disease, trauma to the teeth, or old age. Dentures can also provide cosmetic effects, such as bringing fullness back into the face and make eating and speaking much more normal. Sometimes, temporary denture can be used as interim for patients to transition from one stage to another, such as some patients receiving implants.

How fast will I adjust to wearing denture?

Initially, like a new shoe, having dentures in your mouth can take about week(s) or more to get used to. But soon your tongue, lips, and cheeks will become more adapted and the denture will feel like a natural fit. Dentures will be custom fit to your mouth to ensure a more natural appearance. New dentures that are properly fitted provide support to your lips by giving your face and smile a more natural look. The acrylic fibers will also be created to look like real gum tissue. There are also many different options in regards to shapes and sizes with shading and blending that mimics natural tooth enamel. For maximum comfort, esthetic results, and natural function, dentures can be completely or partially attached to the mouth using dental implants.

What is a partial denture?

There are different styles and types of dentures used including partials. Partial dentures are used when only a small number of teeth are missing. Complete dentures are a full mouth replacement of all dentition. Partial dentures attach to the natural teeth that are still present and some may rest on the gum tissue. Traditionally there are 3 different types of dentures used including conventional, immediate, and overdentures. The conventional dentures are removable. This style of the denture will not be placed until after your teeth have been extracted and healing has taken place. Immediate dentures are, as the name states, immediately inserted on the same day as your surgery for dental extractions. There are some instances where immediate dentures will need to be modified or remade later. When some of your teeth can be saved, an overdenture will be a good option. These dentures can fit over a small number of remaining teeth for a natural look and can be secured to the jaws for optimal function with dental implants.

To find out more about the different styles of denture options available for your needs, call or request a consultation online with Dr. Hamidzadeh at Happy Smiles Dental

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