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January 28, 2020 Happy Smiles DentalPost

Ancient remedies made out of all-natural ingredients have been around for thousands of years. Different parts of different plants, their extracts, and oil were used to cure diseases and relieve pain and other symptoms. The mouth and teeth are no exception since the existence of toothache; human beings have been trying to relive the situation using the remedies available to them, and up until the recent times, mostly getting rid of the offending tooth i.e. extracting the tooth, was the treatment of choice. Of course, when there is an extracted tooth, there is an open wound in the mouth, and open wounds need a wound dressing to relive and protect them.


January 28, 2020 Happy Smiles DentalPost

What are Dental Implants:

Modern Dental Implants are essential, a hollow Titanium Alloy screw, that is inserted into the jaw bone to act as an artificial root for a tooth. They are hollow because after they get placed in patients’ mouths, a tooth-like structure i.e. a crown gets inserted into them. Typically, when a tooth is missing for any reason, dental implants can be considered as a treatment choice. Though no treatment can have guaranteed results in medical/dental fields, in recent years, especially the past two decades, dental implants have proven to be one of the most successful treatment options in dentistry for tooth replacement. Many studies have reported success rates of 90% or more in 5 to 10 years after placement. Implants technology, now, has made great advances that they can be used in extensive therapies such as full mouth reconstruction on patients who are missing all their teeth where just a few implants in each arch can support a complete set of artificial teeth that walk, talk, look and function like the real deal.


January 28, 2020 Happy Smiles DentalPost

Getting a “Cure” For Untreatable Medical Conditions from Your Dentist!

That’s right! Your dentist may be able to help save a loved one from a terrible medical condition. In recent years, many people, including myself when my children were born, subscribed to saving their stem cells just in case. The fact is, Karma, Fate, Universe, God or whatever source your ideology supports, does not discriminate as to who gets a bad or terminal disease. Though as parents we are and should be always hopeful that bad things don’t happen to our children, we can never know. Hence, thankfully, Stem Cell research has provided another venue to help us protect our loved ones against these unlucky turns of events. Stem cells harvested from someone’s teeth, similar to those of the umbilical cord blood, can be used to help treat many conditions for that person or their family members in some cases.


January 28, 2020 Happy Smiles DentalPost
What are dentures?

A denture is a prosthesis, a series of artificial teeth that are designed to replace missing teeth, and can be either fixed (attached to the teeth or the jaw by some mechanism) or removable (inserted and removed from the mouth at will).

Typically, the word “denture,” commonly signifies the removable kind. Fixed dentures are typically known by other names such as “bridges.”

Dentures are also categorized by whether they replace all teeth or some teeth. If all teeth are being replaced, they are called Complete Dentures; otherwise, they are called Partial Dentures.

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